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Meppener Tagespost 

One music group will be particularly remembered by music lovers after Saturday night, that is Legiana Collective. They brought top-class folk and world music. During the encore, the musicians mingled with their audience and sang a grandiose a cappella closing song, without any technical amplification. The audience kept hearing: "fantastic, really, really great art....

Le Canard Folk 
review of Wicked Light - Album of the Month 

The energy is primordial - so imagine the power that emanates from the stage (…) to listen to without limits.


Review of Wicked Light by Dani Heyvaert link
 This is a very fine debut by a versatile band, which I urgently need to see live. A real discovery, for which many thanks!

Music Frames

Review of Wicked Light by Mattie Poels link

Legiana Collective makes folk music sounds fresh again. Although the group plays various styles of music on their album Wicked Light, they abstract it in an innovative way to their own folk metier. With this, the collective proves that the folk revival from the 1960s can look forward to a flaming continuation that is performed with verve and enthusiasm.

New Folk Sounds
review of Wicked Light link
A lively whole (...) a colourful music group.

Songlines Magazine
review of Wicked Light link

Everything is played with great groove and much gusto and if any folk festival programmers are reading, I bet Legiana Collective are fabulous live.



Wicked Light - Album of the Month


The past and present coincide, and musical influences from all over the world can be heard in it.

Legiana Bandfoto.jpg

Photo by Guus Fiers

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